Today there is an unlimited number of choices for a kitchen backsplash. It is only limited to your and your designer’s imagination. This article explores some of the kitchen backsplash styles that Mastercraft Backsplash Contractor offer our customers.

tile kitchen backsplashCould you take it to the Ceiling?

A Marble-looking white and gray tile backsplash that extends to the ceiling is a new look. Backsplash tile is usually between the countertop and the underside of the cabinetry. When there are no cabinets above the countertop, it was common to place tile straight across. Traditionally these tiles continue the same as if cabinetry was there. Today, many designers are breaking that mold and carry tile to the ceiling.

We expect to see a ceiling heigh trend continue. Homeowners are moving away from wall cabinetry to open shelving. Ceiling-height backsplashes offer a fresh and modern look to your kitchen. They can highlight a single area of the kitchen, creating a focal point. They can also emphasize a large patterned tile mural. Taller backsplashes unite the various aspects of your kitchen design. They brighten up a kitchen with the reflective qualities of the tile. This is true if you are using white subway tiles. Tile creates a break from the cabinetry. This gives the kitchen a more open feel. The ceiling-high tile can create a stunning backdrop to your kitchen work area.

Larger Subway Tiles

Glossy large subway tiles add sophistication to this kitchen. The most common subway tile size is 3” x 6”. This size tile has been popular for years. As a result, homeowners are now asking for something a little different. Subway tiles are still trendy for backsplashes. It is not a surprise that designers are now using larger sizes. Homeowners love large subway tiles as they have a clean, classic look. The most recognized benefit is how easy they are to clean and maintain.

The standard size for larger subway tile is 4″x 8″ or 4″x 12″. It is best to check the availability of the various tile dimensions. A large-format subway tile backsplash can be especially helpful for a small kitchen. Large tiles create the perception of space. Large format subway tiles can also help create a feeling of continuity. This is true if you are extending the backsplash to the Ceiling. Besides, let’s not forget the ever-favorite fewer grout lines to clean.

Mirrored and Metallic Finishes

A metallic backsplash really takes your kitchen to the next level. Homeowners are seeking unique but subtle styles for kitchens and wet bar backsplashes. Mirror metal finishes give tiles a glossy reflective surface. They are highlighted even more when struck by natural light. The mirror effect is more pronounced when you extend the backsplash to the ceiling.

You can bring out a dramatic effect by using lights on mirrored metal subway tile backsplash. Make sure that during the day, there is natural sunlight falling on the part of the backsplash. The reflected light brightens up the kitchen. At night, position some light fixtures to highlight the glassy backsplash. The light reflection will make a dramatic look.

If a glossy finish is too much, try a natural metal finish. Tiles can be finished with a look and texture similar to real metals. There are many colors, finishes, and treatments to choose from. Metal finished backsplashes give a kitchen an understated “strong” feel. It can create an industrial sense. The look is enhanced by extending the backsplash to the ceiling. We often use small metal-finished tiles for a dramatic accent.

backsplash contractor - gold kitchen backsplashesPatterns and More Patterns

Easy on the eyes diagonal patterns for this bright and airy kitchen.

Quartz countertops have a simple, clean look. As a result, most designers resist using plain tile backsplashes. Homeowners want to turn heads with an attractive focal point. Many kitchen designers are experimenting with various tile patterns. Upcoming tile patterns include chevron, herringbone, Moroccan fish scale, and laser-cut tile.

One of the hottest upcoming trends involves graphic print or large pattern tiles. Oversized patterned tiles provide a real punch to the design of any kitchen. Make sure to layout your design ahead of time so that it ends up looking balanced. Check what patterns Mastercraft has access to.

Many of these tile patterns are “busy.” Be careful to avoid creating a cluttered look. With aggressive patterns, we recommend a plain countertop. White cabinetry highlights the beauty of a patterned backsplash tile. We like to take the backsplash to the Ceiling. This will make it even bolder. This way, it stops just being a protective surface; it will be a piece of art.

Explore Unusual Finishes

Today, technology allows us to create endless finish options. Look for weathered finishes when you want your backsplash to have an aged appearance. For a washed-out look, use an acid-wash finished tile. For an authentic look, many new finishes try to mimicking natural formations. You can find tumbled tiles. They are designed to look like natural stones. We like the way it generates an antique look. A natural stone effect can also be seen in matte or honed finish tiles. They are popular in luxury-themed kitchens. You can choose from dozens of finishes. The choice of finishes depends on the style you select for your backsplash and kitchen area. Glossy and reflective, rustic and country, aged and weathered, they are all available.

kitchen backsplashAll Colors Welcome

You may feel like a mermaid with scale-looking green tiles. Traditional tile finishes use more neutral colors like white, gray, or beige. Today tiles are available in just about any color you might imagine. From divine black to vivid yellow, anything goes.

A kitchen backsplash is an ideal place to bring in your personal style. It is easy to create attention from a surprising use of color in the backsplash. To convey a sense of luxury, use black or charcoal grey tiles. The contrast with surrounding materials will create a luxurious feel. To implement a good lighting plan so that you can enjoy the beauty. For an airy feel in your kitchen, use standard white backsplashes.

We often use a contrasting grout color to add richness.

A blue-tiled backsplash will give your kitchen a homey feel. Blue generates a happy yet calm and relaxing atmosphere. To add a burst of energy, go for red or yellow tiles in the backsplash.

If you feel creative, combine two or three colors for a nice feature to your work area. A bottom green band with white tile to the ceiling result in a creative, straightforward look.

Marble Slabs Instead of Individual Pieces

Match marble countertops and backsplashes for a timeless white and gray kitchen.

Tile has traditionally been used for kitchen backsplashes. They are made of ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. Slabs are a very striking modern choice. Sizing will depend on the material used. Slabs usually come in 4’ x 8’ sheets. Marble and marble-looking slabs have become the most common choice. Designers like the pure beauty, subtly of color, and its unique variation in veining. As one continuous piece, design aspects like veins draw your attention.

Some designers like slabs for backsplashes as they create a smooth transition. It blends the countertop to the backsplash. A real bonus for the homeowner is not needing to clean grout lines. The design choices are pretty limitless. The options for slab range from slight color variations to dense veining patterns. The choice is yours.

Alternative Materials

The paint splatters add a trendy and artistic vibe to this kitchen.

Everyone wants their homes to be unique. Alternative backsplash materials are a great way to make a statement. This time doesn’t just consider a metal-finished tile backsplash. Some of our favorite materials are stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, or perforated.

The same applies to the glass-finished backsplash. You can now get large glass tiles for building your backsplash. Our customers often like to see us mix materials such as glass and steel? Some people get very creative and put fabric behind the glass tiles. This approach creates a unique look without worrying about cleaning or fire hazards. Sometimes we see clients paint the back of glass tiles with their preferred color. How fun is that?

There can even be wood backsplashes. This includes wood cladding, shiplap, beadboard, or wainscoting. Each can make your kitchen stand out. We are all most use to finding wood only used for furniture. In the past, few use wood on cooking surfaces since this could be a maintenance challenge. You would need suitable wood with a protective finish. But don’t rule out wood as a wall finish treatment instead of paint.

gold kitchen backsplashesGold Accents

A Black and gold backsplash can create a distinctive focal point in your kitchen. Instead of seeing grey grout lines start watching out for some gold accents. Brass fixtures have been back for a while. Now, this material is being integrated into the details of the backsplash. This touch of gold brings warmth and elegance to space.

Window Backsplash

A glass backsplash connects you to the outdoors. They can inspire us to make healthy meals.

A home ought to have plenty of natural lighting. Often sacrifices need to be made to accommodate big windows. We often have to design your home with bright and open decor. Multifunctional styles are usually preferred in kitchens regardless of the type and size. We would like to propose a window backsplash. It is both a backsplash and a window. It is just what a kitchen must look inviting, spacious, and bright. A lot of architects & designers agree.

An unexpected window backsplash can provide design and light to all kitchens. You can choose one window or maybe an extended row of glass. Alternatively, use full-height windows or low-profile windows. It is going to make your kitchen feel much more open and brighter.