The kitchen has evolved over the years. It has transformed from a space to prepare meals to a central gathering place. The kitchen is where our children do homework. Families and friends use it to create memories. To maximize the usability of the kitchen, you’ll need clean and bright kitchen lighting ideas. There are many ways to put the spotlight on your kitchen’s luxury design. They range from chandeliers and under-cabinet lights to pendants and recessed overhead lighting. Here are some of the latest trends in kitchen design.

glass kitchen cabinet doorsRecessed Fixtures For Better Coverage Area

Recessed LED lights are perfect for adding high-quality lighting. Most people like them because the fixtures are barely visible. They are also great for highlighting unique architectural features. People often use them to focus attention on backsplash inset tile and crown molding. We always use energy-efficient LED downlights. They are guaranteed to provide thousands of hours of use.

Get Variable Direction with Track Lighting

Track lights have always been popular in kitchen design as they give you the option of hundreds of types of fixtures. They can be angled in different directions to bounce light around your space. They also add functions to different zones and hard-to-reach spots such as corners. The various finishes will complement any decor. Most track lights can use light dimmers. This allows you to adjust the mood.

Kitchen Cabinets

Add Drama with Decorative Pendant Lights

Hang pendant lights to complement cabinetry, countertops, and sink areas. Pendants provide both task lighting and a bright atmosphere in your kitchen. Pendant lights are incredibly versatile. They are available in various finishes. We design with everything from warm antique brass to industrial black. You can also choose a single-bulb option for a more dramatic, ultra-modern look. Some fixtures include an adjustable hanging rod. They allow you to customize the angle of light. These show off your kitchen’s beauty.

Create Focus Points with Chandeliers

Oversized style light fixtures have always had a place in kitchen lighting. Be sure to pick one that makes a bold statement. Our designer locates them over tables, islands, or in the middle of the room. Oversized chandeliers provide a variety of light patterns. Chandeliers are the most elegant centerpiece in a well-designed kitchen.

Flushmount Lights for Low Ceilings

Flush mount fixtures can be used anywhere in the kitchen, such as a butler’s pantry or bar prep area. These lights ranging in size. These lights offer consistent illumination. You can use them to ensure you don’t have any dark corners.

temecula kitchen backsplashUnder-Cabinet Lights Provide Extra Task Lighting

You can illuminate your counter area with focused light. The best choice is under-cabinet lights. They are available in lengths between nine and 36 inches. The slim profiles make them virtually invisible. Fixtures like the dimmable under cabinet lights allow you to see what you’re chopping.

Kitchen Furniture Lighting

Another excellent kitchen light trend in 2021 is furniture lighting. An example is an upper row of metal hanging cabinets with illuminated glass showcases. Our designers use them to create a more spacious feel. You can add a sense of stylish beauty by adding interior lighting to the top row of cabinets.

We also use interior cabinet lighting to highlight specific areas of kitchen furniture. There are many examples like wine cabinets or built-in appliances. With the help of lighting, you can focus on an unusual facade decor or decorative element.

Kitchen Zoning

Kitchen light zoning is a trend in 2021 automated homes. This approach divides your kitchen into functional segments. We often use track lighting to divide kitchen zoning. Some designers use wall brackets for installing luminaires with convenient swivel mechanisms. This type of fixture directs the light to the right place. Our designer recommends the use of theater spotlights.

Kitchen Table Lighting Trends

For dining lights, most people use their taste. Some people enjoy spotlights with the function of adjusting the direction of light. Another idea is to pair lighting (two ceiling lamps of different sizes in one design). We have seen customers use retro lamps with a large spherical lampshade. Of course, most use traditional ceiling chandeliers with spectacular finishes.