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Below are nine ways to freshen up your outdated kitchen.

We have an actual client’s kitchen to illustrate Mastercraft’s quality. This was a standard track kitchen. It only had bare-bones options. After meeting with multiple kitchen contractors, she picked Mastercraft. She liked the quality workmanship and affordable pricing. We have installed several unique options in this kitchen remodel.

1. Upgrade your fixtures:

Dated kitchens were put together with obsolete materials. Manufacturers release new kitchen hardware every year using innovative materials. A nice feature with modern kitchens is drawer pulls and lighting fixtures. We design kitchens with stainless steel, matte aluminum, copper, and brushed gold. These materials look great in pendant lighting, cabinetry hardware, and range hood options.

2. Get more kitchen seating.

kitchen island

The busiest room in most homes is the kitchen. People love to congregate with the chef. Mastercraft designs kitchens with adding seating. Select countertop stools and seats on your breakfast bar. Some clients choose benches around a side table.

The addition of seating will make your kitchen have a new utility. Families use the extra seats for children to do homework, for parents to entertain, and a breakfast table.

3. Modernize your countertops

Countertops use a large percent of most kitchen’s available space. Older kitchens often have cheap vinyl or tile-and-grout counters. Today, your options for countertop material are endless. We offer choices for every budget and style. You can select from polymers to resin to natural stone. The favorites seem to be marble and granite.

Modern designers even use concrete, brick, tile, and others for countertops. In the photo, you will see the use of a unique quartz countertop.

4. Update your floors

Kitchen flooring is often neglected. It plays an overlooked role in a kitchen’s design. It is time for everyone to pull up the 60s styled linoleum or vinyl flooring. Wood, stone, and tile are more durable and timeless than kitchen floor materials. These materials last longer on your kitchen floor. They will increase home value. We even offer less expensive ceramic tile. It can look just like hardwood flooring and is indestructible.  Our favorite kitchen floors use Travertine.

5. Removing the upper cabinetry.

upgrade kitchen cabinets

Old-style kitchens were built using many walls of upper cabinetry. The modern design removes them to make your kitchen look less crowded. Removing these cabinets opens up walls for open shelving with decorative items.

Our photo shows custom-made cabinets. The second set of upper glass cabinets are built to the ceiling. This cabinetry is unique and has a stylish look.

6. New lighting options

upgrade kitchen lightingNever forget lighting. It adds a wide range of effects to make your kitchen remodel special. We find that most homeowners have kitchen lighting as an afterthought. Updated lighting adds safety, ambiance, and versatility.

Your first step is to install recessed lighting. It gives your kitchen a cleaner finish and excellent illumination. We typically install a dimmer switch. Pendant lighting over a kitchen island has become very popular. Other stylish illumination ideas are under cabinet lighting that illuminates countertops.

7. Decorative elements

decorative kitchen backsplash

You can add a sense of lifestyle with decorative elements. Shelves offer space for artwork, plants, and photos. Shelving below your kitchen island can provide storage for kitchenware, cookbooks, or heirlooms.

8. Add utility elements

utility kitchen cabinetsKitchen remodels give you the opportunity to add utility elements to your kitchen. The most popular selection has been spice cabinets and trash drawers. Many people are adding pot filler faucets. Corner cabinets are the perfect place for lazy susan shelving. They help provide access to reach storage. My wife’s favorite addition was slide-out cabinets. This photo shows a custom spice cabinet. This customer also had us put a trash drawer next to the sink.

9. Takedown walls

Kitchens built 50 years ago were located to be unseen by guests. Modern homes have opted for open floor plans. We can open your kitchen to the dining room or living room. Often this requires us to eliminating a wall! Non-load-bearing walls are easy to get rid of.

Call Mastercraft Murrieta Kitchen Remodeling. We will share all the possibilities for a remodeled kitchen. Your imagination and the countless photos online are a great place to get ideas. Mastercraft is ready to answer your call and help with your kitchen remodeling ideas!