The kitchen backsplash is often neglected. Backsplashes can increase the value of your home. They serve as a focal point for your kitchen area. Home decorators often adorn the backsplash with global, artistic, and colored tiles. They keep the rest of the kitchen a neutral color. A tile backsplash weathers the kitchen environment and is easy to clean.

The backsplash has become a canvas to try out captivating and bold styles. The backsplash has become something of an accent wall. The backsplash is often the kitchen’s visual focal point. This is due to the tendency for backsplashes to be extended to the ceiling. This is in contrast to using the backsplash remaining just below the wall cabinetry.

We introduce clients to the best ceramic tiles, decorative components, and finishing trims. We have each in various color pallets. Our kitchen design collections offer you design opportunities that range from classic to whimsical. We can address the bold to subdue. Our options are only limited by imagination. Our mosaic and glass collections work together in color across the product lines. You can easily combine liners, deco’s, and trim. Our collection integrates to allow our clients or their designer’s unlimited possibilities.


The beauty of Natural Stone is timeless. MasterCraft Design Center offers the most beautiful stone tiles. We have a collection of handcrafted mosaics from around the world. Our kitchen designers find the best stone works. We make sure that clients get the best natural stone to decorate the home of their dreams.