Mastercraft Kitchen Design Center features the best kitchen sinks near me. We also have high-end kitchen faucets.

high end kitchen faucetsKitchen Faucets

New kitchen faucets have an innovative design. They share a professional kitchen’s functionality and durability. Modern kitchen faucets feature a dynamic and flowing silhouette. They have a more streamlined body than their predecessors. These faucets feature flower-like frames. They rise from the counter. Modern kitchen faucets merge with an arched spout and distinctive lever.

There are many types of kitchen faucets that you can use in your kitchen right now. Some faucets have spray heads, double and single-handle faucets, and pull-down kitchen faucets. These improve water flow and easy washing. The various finishes, such as stainless steel, offer excellent options. These are designed with many functional features. They can make a world of difference in your space. There are four ways that the water is controlled in the faucet.

  • Ball faucets: A ball faucet has a single handle. It controls a plastic or metal ball that has chambers or slots in it. It also has rubber O-rings and spring-loaded rubber seals.
  • Cartridge faucet: These two-handle faucets use a movable stem cartridge. It can move down and up to limit the flow of water.
  • Disc faucets: Ceramic disk faucets are the latest development for faucet technology. They have one lever over a wide cylindrical body. The disk faucet mixes hot and cold water inside a mixing chamber. This is called a pressure balance cartridge.
  • Compression washer faucets: These faucets have a washer that compresses when you are tightening the faucet.

There are several popular designs of faucets. We carry many of the high-end kitchen faucets at our kitchen design center.

  • Commercial Style: A commercial style faucet uses a longer flexible design. It is more flexible from the base and doesn’t have as much of a cover to it. This is designed to create a more modern appearance in your kitchen.
  • Separate Spray: For something more flexible, a separate spray faucet might be ideal. This uses a separate handle with a trigger that can activate a spraying motion inside the sink. The regular water flow from the main tap will work when you are not triggering the separate spray nozzle.
  • Motion Detection: Motion detection turns water on when you place your hand over a sensor. You could also put a pot or other utensil under the tap. You can adjust the temperature by simply using a lever at the base.

best kitchen sink kitchen sinks near meBest Kitchen Sinks

The average drain seam has more than 17,000 bacteria per square inch. Most people are tired of cleaning the “ring” around the drain. We offer a seamless design that combines the sink drain and basin into a single surface. Make your kitchen safer for your family with our seamless sanitary drain. We offer every style of modern kitchen sinks, including:

  • Drop-in kitchen sinks
  • Farmhouse kitchen sinks
  • Stainless Steel Sinks
  • Bar Sinks
  • Corner Sinks
  • Granite Composite Sinks
  • Cast Iron Sinks
  • Kitchen Island Sinks

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Let us help you re-imagine your kitchen design. MasterCraft Home Improvement has a showroom between Murrieta and Temecula off Jefferson Avenue. We offer hands-on interaction with modern kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets. You’ll see for yourself how our new knobs look next to kitchen cabinets.

Our product line has grown to several thousand kitchens and bath plumbing products. We have accessories and hardware to match every design. Take a look around in our showroom. Enjoy luxurious, beautiful kitchen accessories from all over the world. We have products that will match every type and style of home. We have popular products from the most trusted brands in faucets and kitchen sinks near me:

  • MOEN
  • TOTO

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